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There are a few things to consider as you make the best choice for your boat insurance policy.

At St. Clair Insurance Brokers, we know that not all boats are alike. Fortunately, our experienced staff will work with you to tailor a watercraft policy to suit your needs.

When looking at insurance for your boat or watercraft, you have two options: add the boat to your existing home insurance policy or purchase a stand-alone boat insurance policy. Before you make your decision about which option you prefer, there are a few things to consider as you make the best choice for your boat insurance policy:

  • The size, speed, and/or horsepower of your boat may determine the limitations of a boat insurance policy under the umbrella of your home insurance. You’ll want to discuss what you need with your broker to determine whether an independent policy is the best fit.
  • If you need to settle for a loss and your boat is listed under your home insurance policy, you will typically receive actual cash value, or the replacement cost of the boat minus depreciation. The basis of settlement on a stand-alone boat insurance policy is usually an agreed upon value.
  • If you make a claim for your boat on your home insurance policy, it will count as a claim on the entire policy.

Personal watercraft insurance protects your boat from damage due to an insured loss, and also protects you against liability due to injury or death. If you are financing your watercraft in Windsor, Ontario, you will be required to carry boat insurance.

If you have questions about boat insurance, contact us at St. Clair Insurance Brokers today to discuss your needs.

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