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Buying a house is the largest investment most people will make in their lives. Every home is different, so your house insurance should reflect your unique needs. At St. Clair Insurance Brokers, we specialize in providing the right insurance policy for both your needs and budget. When you come to us for your house insurance, we will compare the best insurance products available and explain their pros and cons. We want you to take the time to make informed decisions about your house insurance for your home in Windsor, Ontario. Our goal is to make you feel secure with the coverage you are getting while keeping the cost of the policy within your budget.

What House Insurance Typically Covers

Not every house insurance policy is the same, and not every policy covers the same losses. However, most house insurance policies come with certain standard coverages designed to help you repair damage to your home or replace belongings in certain circumstances, like theft or fire. Your home insurance policy can also help mitigate costs if you accidently damage someone else’s property, or if someone visiting your property is injured.

Remember that every house insurance policy is subject to a limit, which the maximum amount your policy will pay if you make a claim for a covered loss. Ideally, your house insurance limit should reflect your home’s value and the cost to repair or replace your belongings. We can help you adjust your house insurance limits to make sure your policy is enough to cover the property it protects.

In most situations, you will also have to pay a deductible before your house insurance policy kicks in and starts to pay for a covered loss. Make sure you understand your deductible and coverage limits – you can usually adjust them to match your current needs. Our team can help you with this process by reviewing your policy with you to make sure you understand it.

Types of Policies We Offer

We also offer house insurance for these special circumstances:

  • Condominium Insurance: Generally, the condominium’s corporation has an insurance policy that covers outside walls and shared spaces. We can review their insurance policy and make sure you carry the necessary coverage to protect your investment and your belongings, as well as any liability and medical needs in your home.
  • Apartment Insurance: Living in an apartment is different than other types of rentals because the units are adjoining. We can make sure you have coverage to protect your property in your apartment as well as any other coverage you need.
  • Tenant’s Insurance: Many tenants incorrectly assume that they are covered by their landlord’s insurance. Your landlord’s policy will only cover damage to the building and fixtures they assume responsibility for – it does not provide any coverage for your personal property. If you rent your home, always carry tenant’s insurance to protect your belongings and protect yourself from liability.

Call us at St. Clair Insurance Brokers today to discuss your house insurance needs in Windsor. Whether it is for a primary, secondary, seasonal or rented home, we can help protect you and your family.

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