Condo Insurance in Windsor, Ontario

Condo Insurance, Windsor, ON

It is important to look critically at what your condo corporation offers and adjust your condo insurance policy to fill in the gaps.

When you own a condo, you’ll enjoy a unique lifestyle. Whether you are a first-time condo owner, have purchased a condo to downsize, or are planning to establish a rental property in Windsor, Ontario, an excellent insurance policy will protect you from many different risks.

At St. Clair Insurance Brokers, we believe that understanding where a condo corporation’s insurance coverage ends and where your policy coverage begins is critical to protecting your investment. With our experienced brokers on your side, you will be able to look critically at what your condo corporation offers and adjust your own condo insurance policy to fill in the gaps where protection is lacking. It may also be important to you to add special protections for your home, depending upon the location and lifestyle you lead.

Condo insurance is also important because it ensures that any updates you’ve made to your living environment are replaced in the event of loss. You can also purchase insurance to protect your rental income if you prefer to use your condo as a regular or seasonal rental property. When you sit down with an insurance broker from our team, we can discuss your options, decide which coverage makes the most sense for your needs, and help you determine ways to save money while enjoying the best protection.

Do you know whether your condo insurance provides all of the solutions you need for any circumstance? Reach out to a broker at St. Clair Insurance Brokers today to build the condo insurance policy you need.

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