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Protect your home-based business with the right insurance.

Do you run a home-based business or do your work from home? Whether you operate out of a dedicated space, like your garage, basement, or home office, or you simply set up every day at your dining room table, chances are you need additional coverage to protect yourself and your home-based business.

A home-based business insurance policy can cover everything from inventory, marketing materials and office furniture to computer equipment and more. In the event you need to file a claim, having appropriate coverage ensures you can keep focusing on your day-to-day tasks instead of the expenses you face for damaged or stolen materials.

When you come to St. Clair Insurance Brokers to secure a home-based business insurance policy, we will ask you a series of questions to find the right coverage for your needs. These questions may include:

  • Do you own and operate the business alone, or do you have other employees?
  • Do you provide any home care services as part of your operations?
  • How many clients do you see every day who visit your home in relation to your business?
  • Does operating your business involve using any hazardous or flammable materials?
  • Do you display any business signs from your home?

As a vibrant, modern company, we realize more and more people in Windsor, Ontario have started working from home, and we want to enhance your operations with a policy that protects your interests. Contact us today to find out more about home-based business insurance and its critical importance to your business operations.

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