Commercial Property Insurance

Property insurance is a vast, complex and technical area of insurance. At St. Clair we understand that every business has different needs and faces different threats. That’s why we create bespoke policies that deliver exactly the right coverage.

Why choose St. Clair?
  • We get to know you. The more me know about you and your company, your operations, quality control standards, safety and risk management, the better job we can do
  • We will work on your behalf with underwriters to write your Commercial General Liability policy and provide extra coverage or amend policy wordings where appropriate
  • We can provide Tenants Legal Liability insurance to pay for damage to the portion of the building you rent which would otherwise be excluded
  • Other extensions of coverage available include: Pollution insurance, Forest Fire Fighting expenses, non-owned automobile insurance to cover rented or hire vehicles and employee benefits Errors and Omissions coverage
  • We will always work hard to reduce your premiums to the lowest possible level, by reviewing documents and contracts, understanding your supply chain etc.
  • Thanks to our long experience we are able to make practical recommendations which can reduce risk and help improve your company’s standing with the underwriters – again to reduce your premiums
  • We analyze any past claims and understand any changes that have been made to mitigate future claims to enable us to better negotiate with underwriters
  • We will work with you to make sure your suppliers have insurance and that you are afforded protection under those policies for their negligence. For example, where products are made in developing countries like China, the seller of Chinese-made products in North America is generally considered as the manufacturer, because successful recourse against the Chinese manufacturer is unlikely. Please see our Products Liability section here for more details

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