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Save money by purchasing commercial auto and fleet insurance for your business vehicles.

Most people are familiar with auto or vehicle insurance because you are required by law to carry auto insurance for vehicles you drive on the road. However, some business owners may not realize that there is a cheaper option available for insuring their commercial vehicles: commercial auto and fleet insurance. If you are looking to insure one commercial vehicle or multiple commercial vehicles in Windsor, Ontario, contact St. Clair Insurance Brokers Inc. today.

You may be wondering what the difference is between commercial auto insurance and fleet insurance. Here are the basic differences:

Commercial auto insurance: This type of policy generally only covers one commercial vehicle. There is usually a designated driver for that vehicle.
Fleet insurance: If you have five or more commercial vehicles, you can consider getting fleet insurance instead. This type of policy can be less expensive than having individual policies for each vehicle and allows for flexibility regarding who drives which vehicle.
Contacting our brokerage is the first step to getting the commercial auto and fleet insurance you need for your business in Windsor. Our brokers are part of the local community just like you, and they will work together with you to understand what you’re looking for in an insurance policy.

Our company has over a century of history in this area, so we understand the importance of evolving with the times, especially when it comes to business insurance. We are committed to providing you with superior protection at fair prices. Call now to schedule your appointment or to learn more about what our brokerage has to offer.

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