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Minimize the risk your business faces with liability insurance.

If you own and operate a business, you know that anyone who interacts with your business can file a lawsuit against your operations for any number of reasons, from wrongful termination to bodily injury. The perils unique to running a business are why a business liability insurance policy is one protection your operations should not go without.

Business liability insurance can help with challenging situations and the associated costs of legal damages and legal defense. Here are just a few hypothetical examples of situations where business liability insurance can come into play and protect your business in Windsor, Ontario:

  • While visiting your retail storefront, a customer trips over a fixture and falls, suffering bodily injury.
  • A former client is unsatisfied with work performed by your company and files a lawsuit against you for loss of profits.
  • You lose sensitive client data and information after a hacker takes over your computer system.
  • A disgruntled former employee brings legal action against your company, alleging unfair practices.

St. Clair Insurance Brokers has years of experience putting our customers first. When you reach out to our brokerage to set up a business liability insurance policy for your company, we will offer superior solutions catered to your specific operations.

Reduce risk, minimize profit loss, and decrease interruptions to your business’ operations by securing a business liability insurance policy that is ideal for your needs. For further information about the importance of managing liability and adding a liability policy to your portfolio, contact us at St. Clair Insurance Brokers today.

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