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The Chatham, Ontario area is a wonderful place to live and raise a family, but it is not without the potential for disaster. As you are most likely involved in emergency preparedness as recommended by local officials, one step you do not want to forget is making certain your house insurance hasn’t lapsed and that you have the right coverage, deductibles, and limits that will help you should a tornado, flooding, fire, or other disaster occur.

At St. Clair Insurance Brokers Inc., we work with homeowners, condo owners, and tenants who want coverage to protect their property against the financial blow of a disaster. If your property is mortgaged, your lender requires you to have house insurance, but even if you own your home free and clear or you’re a tenant, you do not want to risk being uninsured or underinsured. We’ll take the time to discuss what house insurance covers, any additional riders you might want, how much coverage you should have based on your risk tolerance, and deductible based on your budget.

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Home Insurance Premiums

As with anything else in life, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on your home insurance. Here at St. Clair Insurance Brokers Inc., we have a few easy steps you can take to get the best rate possible on your home insurance premiums:

  • Shop around—Not all insurers charge the same amount for the same policy. Shop around with our help to find the best policy at the best price.
  • Bundle your policies—You can often get a discount from your insurer if you bundle your home and auto insurance policies. Ask us about how we can help you bundle and save!
  • Improve your home security—You may be eligible for certain discounts on your home insurance premiums if you make your home more secure by installing smoke detectors, a burglar alarm, and/or dead-bolt locks. Before you invest, ask us about what we recommend and how much the security feature could help you save on premiums.
  • Work on your credit—When you have a good credit history, having your insurer run a credit check may be able to reduce your insurance costs. Protect your credit standing by keeping your credit balances low and paying your bills on time.
  • Review the value of your possessions—Make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy covers all major purchases and recent additions to your home. Conversely, make sure you aren’t spending money for coverage you don’t need by reviewing the value of your property and possessions at least once a year.

House insurance has three parts to it – coverage for the dwelling, coverage for the contents, and liability coverage. Tenant coverage is different in that it does not cover the dwelling, as that is already covered by the owner’s policy. Investment property insurance is also somewhat different, and we would be happy to discuss that with you.

If you would like more information about house insurance for your primary, secondary, seasonal, or rented home or you are a tenant looking for contents coverage, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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