Cyber Liability Insurance, Chatham, ON

If someone manages to break through your carefully structured cyber security, cyber liability insurance can save the day.

One of the hardest things about running a business today is ensuring that your business has proper cyber protection. Cyber criminals and everyday con-artists are always looking for loopholes and ways around the toughest of cyber defenses. Securing your online information is critical by protecting servers, hard-drives, and data, and by giving your employees continuing education on online security. However, criminals are learning almost as quickly as people are finding new ways to protect online information, and the best security isn’t always enough. To cover the gaps in your cyber protection, you can purchase cyber liability insurance.

When customers depend on your business to keep their personal information safe and there is some kind of security breech, cyber liability insurance is there to help mitigate the damages and claims against your company. Think of it like this– when your leave your home, you make sure the doors and windows are properly locked as part of your security measures. Should someone manage to break in anyway, your home insurance will kick in and help with the damages. Cyber liability insurance works in the same fashion by protecting your interests in case security fails in protecting your online presence.

At St. Clair Insurance Brokers Inc., we understand the necessity of cyber liability insurance for your Chatham, Ontario business more than most because we also run a business where people trust us with information! We want to help ensure that your business is safe from liability with cyber liability insurance, so contact us to learn how we can help you today.

Cyber Liability Insurance in Windsor, ON

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