stay in good financial standing with cyber liability insurance

When those temperatures start to drop and the days start to get chilly, while many people are thinking about breaking out their winter coats and boots, we here at St. Clair Insurance Brokers Inc. are thinking about how our customers need to break out their cyber liability insurance policies! The upcoming holiday season is a crucial time for many retailers, businesses and even e-commerce sites, so knowing that you have the advantages of cyber liability insurance backing your business can help you focus on more important things.

Cyber liability insurance is an often-misunderstood type of insurance. It is not cyber security, meaning cyber liability insurance won’t protect your files or hard drives from would-be cyber thieves. Instead, it protects your business in the event of a data breech. Think of cyber liability insurance like your home insurance – you buy locks and security systems to keep the would-be criminals out, but you have home insurance in order to cover the damages should someone manage to break through the other forms of security.

The fall season is crucial for many retailers and a huge retail season for shoppers, and cyber liability insurance is something you need to be well-informed about before the prime shopping season starts! If you are looking forward to being a little more in the black this retail season, make sure you are able to stay in good financial standing with cyber liability insurance. If you are looking to learn more about cyber liability insurance, contact our experts here at St. Clair Insurance Brokers Inc.