cottage insurance for a new property

Whether you have recently acquired your first cottage or you’ve owned one for several years, opening it up and getting it ready for summer getaways will be much easier if you have a plan in place. Here are the important steps to take for a successful cottage opening:

  • Utilities– If you turn off certain utilities over the winter, you’ll need to make arrangements with your service providers to turn them back on. However, some utilities like water and gas can prove problematic if turned on without inspecting the cottage first. If you can’t go yourself, make sure to have someone at the cottage to check that there hasn’t been any damage to water pipes or gas lines. If possible, have a professional handle it to avoid a cottage insurance claim. You can also wait to turn them on when you arrive so you’re there in case of any issues.
  • Cottage Insurance– Speaking of insurance, make certain your policy is up to date and provides the coverage you need. Contacting your insurance broker is a good idea, especially to make sure you have third-party liability coverage.
  • Get Ready to Go to Your Cottage– Preparations include packing up the things you’ll need at your cottage and making certain your vehicle is in good shape for the trip.
  • Upon Arrival– Take a few minutes to walk the perimeter, inspect the roof, and look for any damage that needs to be fixed right away. Open up the cottage to air out and take care of tasks like changing the batteries in the smoke alarm and putting in new HVAC filters.
  • Enjoy! Unpack and enjoy everything about your cottage that makes it the ideal getaway for your family.

If you need cottage insurance for a new property or you want to review your current policy to be sure it is up to date, give us a call at St. Clair Insurance Brokers, Inc. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about having the right type of coverage for your second home, whether you only use it yourself or you rent it out.