Your Guide to Home-Based Business Insurance

Many small business owners operate out of their homes and rely on their homeowner’s insurance to protect them. Although a homeowner’s policy will indeed cover the house itself, it does not actually provide any coverage for any business-related files or equipment. On top of that, failing to tell your insurer about your home-based business could invalidate the coverages provided in your home policy and leave both home and business unprotected. Fortunately, St. Clair Insurance Brokers offers the home-based business insurance solutions you need to protect both.

A home-based business insurance policy generally offers both general and professional liability coverage.

  • General liability coverage protects you from a variety of risks and adverse circumstances, including personal injury claims, as well as damage to any property rented to you as part of your business (such as a conference space or training facility).
  • Professional liability coverage (also known as Errors and Omissions coverage) is also an important part of home-based business insurance. In the event that your business is sued for negligence, this policy has you covered.

In addition to liability coverage, home-based business insurance also protects your important business equipment, such as computers, copiers, office furniture, and other tools you use to run your operation. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.