know more about flood insurance for your home

The spring rainy season is not too far away, so now is the perfect time to get started with home maintenance tasks that will be easier to tackle now rather than later. Here are a couple spring home maintenance suggestions to consider as you await all that spring has to offer.

  • Prepare for Rain– As you inspect the exterior of your home, consider how the spring rains could create a potential problem. For example, are the gutters and downspouts in good condition and unharmed from winter conditions? Check the grading around your home to make sure water won’t pool against the foundation. Check the attic for any leaks and inspect the roof for any missing or damaged areas. If you are not comfortable with a ladder, call a professional roofing inspector for this step. It is also not a bad idea to determine if flood insurance could benefit your situation if your property is at risk due to its location and elevation.
  • Prepare for Heat– While the hottest temperatures are usually in the summer, it isn’t unheard of to experience a few atypically warm days in the spring. When that happens, everyone will be turning on their air conditioning and if you find you have a problem with your unit, you could face a delay in service repairs. Inspect your HVAC system early in the spring and address any issues before you actually need to use it. You should also check your windows to see if they are unobstructed by winter debris and open properly, and that the caulking hasn’t cracked or deteriorated during the winter.

If you would like to know more about flood insurance for your home, give us a call at St. Clair Insurance Brokers, Inc. We will be happy to discuss this type of home insurance coverage that can give you peace of mind that a flood caused by spring rains won’t cause financial distress.