Check your home insurance policy

Living in Canada, you’re no stranger to cold temperatures, especially during the holiday season. While you may be anxious to start relaxing at home or go somewhere warm, you need to think about what you can do to prepare your house for extreme cold weather by preventing frozen pipes. Here are our tips for making this happen:

  • If you have any exposed water lines in your garage, basement, or crawlspace, make sure they are properly insulated. Chances are, uninsulated pipes that have frozen before are prone to freeze again.
  • Even if your pipes are insulated, open up your cupboard doors to let warm air into the areas surrounding your pipes.
  • Turn off your home’s water if you will be away. In addition to using the main valve to shut off the water, make sure you open up all your taps to get rid of any additional water still in your pipes.
  • Think about adding smart home products to your house, so you can easily monitor potential water damage when you are away and remotely manage the settings on your home thermostat.
  • If you are going out of town, have someone come in to check on your home every few days to make sure your heat is still on and there aren’t any signs of water damage.
  • Check your home insurance policy to see what it covers in terms of frozen pipes and water damage. It is always better to know beforehand in case a problem occurs.

Do you have any questions about home insurance and protecting your home from frozen pipes this holiday season? Contact us at St. Clair Insurance Brokers Inc. today.