3 Key Tips for Winter Safety

We often take steps to get ready for winter and snowy temperatures. We find our big coats and sweaters, search out our warmest socks and winter boots, and start to bundle up our children so that they resemble small Sumo-wrestlers before they can head outside for school. These are all great ways to prepare for winter, but how are we preparing our homes for the extreme temperatures during these short and frigid days? At St. Clair Insurance Brokers, we have come up with 3 tips for home winter safety this season:

1.  Give your home a sweater. While you can’t really blanket your entire home in a nice wool cardigan, you can take plenty of steps that will keep the interior of your home warm and comfortable. Make sure your pipes have plenty of insulation so they don’t freeze and burst. Finally, don’t forget little things like leaving your cupboard doors open. It can help circulate the heat to the walls.

2.  Take preventative measures. Check your windows and doors for drafts; don’t forget to look in the basement and attic. If you’ll be heading out of town, don’t just rely on your programmable thermostat to keep your home warm. Make sure you also have someone lined up to check your home every few days for best results and peace of mind.

3.  Winterize. If you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time and don’t want to fully heat an empty home, try winterizing your property. By turning off the water and emptying all drains, you don’t need to worry about pipes freezing and bursting in cold temperatures.