Personal Lines FAQ

Personal Insurance COVID-19 FAQs

In an attempt to assist our customers with issues related to COVID-19, we have gathered a list of common questions and answers for both personal & commercial customers. If you have additional questions that are not covered in the links below, please contact our office. This situation is evolving daily and insurers continue to make announcements regarding relief for policyholders. We will attempt to keep this information as up to date as possible as we work through this together.

If I am social distancing and not driving my vehicle, can I remove operating coverage or change my policy?

If you are no longer commuting to work or if your annual mileage has reduced dramatically due to COVID-19, most insurers are offering some premium relief. Please let us know if you feel that your policy should be amended and we can advise on the relief options available to you. Note that if you change your policy, you will be responsible to let us know to change things back once we return to normal. As far as removing operating coverage goes, this is an option to save money, but we highly recommend that you consider a few important things before making this decision. Should an emergency arise (i.e. medical), there would be no coverage to operate the vehicle without first having spoken to a broker and given confirmation that coverage had been reinstated. Some customers have also inquired about “suspending” coverage. This could also be an option, but we recommend speaking with us first, as there are some restrictions and rules that apply.

Will I get my renewal documents?

The government has included insurance-related businesses as an “essential” service, and as such, insurance companies and insurance brokerages remain dedicated to providing coverage and service at this time. While there may be some delay in mail delivery, renewal policies are generally issued 30-45 days prior to your renewal date, so we don’t anticipate any issues with you getting your policy documents prior to renewal at this time.

I’m struggling to pay my insurance bill. What can be done?

Most insurance companies are aware of the financial impact COVID-19 is having on Canadians and are willing to assist policy holders on a case-by-case basis with payment solutions. Many will defer payments for up to 30 days, and some are waiving NSF fees. While the companies are trying to ease financial burdens, there is an expectation that the premiums will be paid. Please contact our office if you’d like more information on your specific company options.

My licence is about to expire, and the Service Ontario site is closed. Can I still drive?

Service Ontario has the ability to provide many services online. Please visit this site to view services provided. They have extended validation to expired and expiring driver’s licenses, health cards, Ontario Photo Cards, licence plate stickers, and accessible parking permits.

Why are my premiums increasing during COVID-19?

Any rate increases we are seeing now are not a reaction to COVID-19, but rather a reflection of what has been unfolding in the insurance industry for some time now. Overall, insurance premiums have been increasing for home and auto insurance. This is largely due to an increase in claims frequency, claims severity and general claims costs over the past few years. Any increases are not due to COIVD-19.

I will be delayed in launching my boat this year. Should I cancel my insurance?

A boat insurance policy is an annual policy. There is no option to suspend operating coverage as there is on an auto policy. In simple terms, with a boat insurance policy, you either have coverage or you don’t. While the risk of damage while the boat is in the water is eliminated, there are still many ways your boat can sustain a loss. Theft & fire are still real risks. We recommend keeping coverage in force on your boat even though it remains winterized.

I am now working from home. Will this affect my property insurance?

All insurers that we represent have advised that since this is a temporary, extraordinary situation, nothing is required from customers and property insurance will not be impacted. Note that most insurers have a “special limit” for business property and any loss to these items is limited.

I am a snowbird and I left my vehicle in the U.S. due to return home orders. Is my vehicle still covered?

Most insurers have time restrictions on how long a vehicle can remain outside of Canada. If you are in this situation, please contact our office and we can speak with your company to arrange and maintain coverage.