You can now show your proof of car insurance to law enforcement

Did you hear? The Ontario government recently announced that drivers can present their proof of insurance card electronically! You can now show your proof of car insurance to law enforcement and other officials either on your mobile deviceĀ orĀ using your paper insurance (pink card).

In light of this new arrangement, there are a few things our team at St. Clair Insurance Brokers Inc. wants you to remember:

  • Using an electronic insurance card is optional. Likewise, your insurance provider can choose to not supply electronic information.
  • Proof of car insurance requirements outside of Ontario could be different, so be careful when you drive other places outside the province.
  • Paper insurance cards are not being eliminated, so this is still a foolproof way to provide proof of car insurance.
  • Regardless of the format, you should still have proof of insurance with you in your vehicle at all times.
  • Your insurer is still required to provide a physical proof of insurance card, even if you use an electronic one.

We are excited about this new option as it will make it easier for Ontarians to access their car insurance card however is right for them. If you have any questions, please let us know!